11 Advantages of Almond Milk Nutrition You Did not Learn About

Almond Milk Nutrition

The person looking for a milk substitute is most likely the choice in almond milk and wondering, “Is almond milk healthy for you?” If you ask so, then almond milk is really an amazing alternative.

While almond milk is becoming much more popular, you need to observe that almond milk does not provide as much protein or calcium as a complete replacement, so make sure you get enough amounts using their company source. The single serving has only one gram of protein when compared with 8 grams of cow’s milk and a pair of milligrams of calcium versus 300 milligrams in cow’s milk.

Just as you buy, be sure to pay attention to labels and buy almond milk containing a small amount of preservatives and other additives.

  1. Almond milk nutrition will help with weight loss.

One glass of almond milk contains only 60 calories, not 146 calories whole milk, 122 calories to 50 percent, 102 calories in 1%, and 86 calories in skim. This can make a alternative milk that can help you eliminate or maintain your current weight.

  1. It keeps your heart healthy.

There is no cholesterol or saturated fat in almond milk. It is also lower in sodium and healthy fats (eg omega essential fatty acids, usually present in fish), which will help avoid high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

  1. It keeps your bones strong

While it does offer calcium as much as cow’s milk, almond milk has 30% of the recommended daily amount, in addition to a quarter of the recommended amount of vitamin D, lowers your risk of joint disease and brittle bones and boosts immunity to your body’s function. Plus, these two nutrients interact to supply healthy teeth and bone formation.

  1. It keeps the skin glowing.

Almond milk contains 50 % from the suggested daily quantity of vitamin E, containing antioxidant qualities necessary to your skin’s health, for example protecting it against sun-damage.

  1. It barely impacts your bloodstream sugar.

Almond milk (no additives) is lower in carbohydrates, meaning it will not raise your blood sugar levels properly, lowering your diabetes risk. Because of its lace sugar content, the body uses carbohydrates as energy. Therefore, sugar is not stored as fat.

  1. It plays a role in muscle strength and healing.

Although almond milk only contains 1 gram of protein per serving, it has lots of Vitamin B, for example, iron and riboflavin, both essential for muscle growth and healing.

  1. It keeps your digestion under control.

Almond milk contains almost 1 gr of fiber per serving, that is essential for healthy digestion.

  1. It does not contain lactose.

Lactose intolerance impacts about 25% of America population, meaning they’ve difficulty digesting the sugar in cow’s milk. This will make almond milk an appropriate, lactose-free substitute.

  1. It is more enjoyable than cow’s milk.

Almond milk does not taste like cow’s milk, ideal for someone who switched off through the taste. It features its own unique flavor many call being light and crisp. Plus, it’s versatile meaning technology-not only rather of cow’s milk in recipes that need it. It will not have a similar taste, but it’ll have a similar consistency.

  1. It does not require refrigeration.

Understanding that it does not need to cool almond milk means you’ll be easier to carry on your way out of the house. It’s okay at 70 degrees that makes it a useful and nutritious staple, constantly increasing your daily intake of all the great nutrients above.

  1. It’s not hard to make.

Because it’s uncomfortable having a cow in your back yard, almond milk may be the right choice to do in your own home. It is produced with finely ground almonds and puts it into a blender with water, then filters out the pulp that has a strainer to break it down in the liquid. Want to try it? Immediately make almond milk right now!

A Short Guide to Buying the Best Bullet Blender Based on Your Needs

Best Bullet Blender

Living a healthy lifestyle, although beneficial and fulfilling, may also be both difficult and expensive. With all the diet programs out there, some often ask for food or materials that may burn a hole in the pocket. For example the juicing and smoothie fads brought on the necessity for high-powered blenders/food processors that can turn pulps and seeds into good, nutritious and easy to drink purees. One of my favorite blender that perfect with my high activities is a bullet blender.

What are bullet blenders?

Bullet blenders are compact blenders. The blender’s blending cups are often shaped like a bullet, hence the name. This type of blender is marketed as a space-saving appliance as it is relatively smaller than normal blenders and significantly smaller than food processors. Bullet blenders work the same way as regular blenders with blades being the primary element for crushing, pureeing and blending of foods and sometimes liquids too.

Things to consider when choosing a bullet blender

The bullet blender market offers a wide array of choices. Being bombarded with so many products claiming to be the best at what they do, it is easy to get lost and confused about which bullet blender would really fit a buyer’s needs and budget.

Generally, there are four things a buyer should consider when choosing a bullet blender: (1) purpose of use, (2) price, (3) quality of output and (4) wattage/power.

First, buyers must consider for what purpose would they use a bullet blender. Is it for a juicing business? Does it need to be portable? Will it be used for just low-key, at-home blending?

Second, is the price. Most bullet blenders retail at $40 to a few hundred dollars depending on the wattage and add-ons. Are you only looking for trying out bullet blenders and is not willing to spend too much money? Or are you looking for an investment as you plan on incorporating juicing to your health plan?

Third, is the quality of the output. Different blenders (at different price points and wattage) produce different consistencies of purees and smoothies.

The last criterion is related to the third as the higher the wattage of the blender is, the finer the purees it will make.

To follow is a list of bullet blenders with short reviews and sum up of specifications to serve as a mini-guide to those out there still groping about which brand of bullet blender to purchase.

Best Bullet Blender for specific needs

1. Magic Bullet

magic bullet blender

  • Price: $40.99
  • Wattage: 250 watts
  • Output Quality: Mostly smooth green smoothies but contains some bits | Decent chops on almonds but bits grains still a bit big
  • Perfect for: People who are looking to try bullet blenders for the first time with little budget. Being lightweight, this is also perfect for chefs who travel with some of their gear.

2. NutriBullet

nutribullet blender

  • Price: $99
  • Wattage: 600 watts (comes in higher watts at also higher prices)
  • Output Quality: Smooth-textured smoothies without skin or seed lumps | Fairly creamy hummus
  • Perfect for: Health-conscious people who can spend more for an all-around blender. But this may be too expensive for those looking to just try out bullet blenders.

3. BioChef Nutriboost

biochef nutriboost blender

  • Price: $77.48
  • Wattage: 900 watts
  • Output Quality: Small grains of almond | Perfectly pureed fruits
  • Perfect for: Those who are looking for a middle ground on price range and capacity. For those who think the he MagicBullet may not do the heavy work but is not willing to pay for the $99 NutriBullet.

4. Vitamix S30

vitamix s30 blender

  • Price: $399
  • Wattage: 840 watts
  • Output Quality: Perfectly pureed smoothies of fruits | Perfect grain of almond blends
  • Perfect for: Juice bars selling purees. This will definitely get the job done. The Vitamix S30 is also perfect for those who want to incorporate blended food into their long-term diets and are willing to invest a huge amount of money.

Overall Overview

Different needs and monetary capacities entail different bullet blender choices. These are just some of the best out there in the market but the guide tries to give a diverse overview of what are available. The favorite chosen by me and some other customer is either Ninja Bullet or Nutribullet they compete so tightly and proved to provide best performance in bullet blender market.

In other side, there are bullet blenders for about every possible need a person might have for their diet programs or just for everyday use. You can also refer to this website to get some more information regarding other bullet blenders review. At least for now that you have an idea of criteria to assess the kind of blender you need, it’s time to go out there, get one and start a healthy and well-blended lifestyle.